Fort Saskatchewan New Trail Maps! WOW!

Check out the new Fort Sask Trail Maps!

One of my very very favourite things about the city of Fort Saskatchewan is all the trails leading to and from the perfect river valley setting. I grew up in Fort Saskatchewan and have spent years and years exploring these trails on my feet, bike, and roller blades. What a great place to live!

The city’s website just posted this new tail map page. CLICK HERE!

I plan on making it my goal over the next month to run each trail loop and map. Such a great way to get around the city and enjoy the Fort Sask lifestyle. Whenever anyone asked me about buying real estate in Fort Saskatchewan, the trails and river valley is one of the first things that comes to mind. I sell real estate in the Edmonton and area and trust me very familiar with the trails in Edmonton, St Albert, etc. Fort Sask is a special place! First on the list is the West River’s Edge Loop! More about Fort Saskatchewan and what it has to offer check this out!

Canada Day in Fort Saskatchewan! 11 Days Away!

Fun on Canada Day in Fort Saskatchewan!

I have been very luck to grow up in Fort Saskatchewan, sell real estate and work in Fort Saskatchewan, enjoying the beautiful city, run the park and river valley trails, and enjoy the non stop community events. The city has grown so much and so has the Canada Day parade, day of celebration, and the evening fire works!

For all of those who are wondering! Here is a break down of all the festivities that are available that day! Fort Saskatchewan Canada Day Event Page

Full Day of Activities

The day starts with an awesome Pancake Breakfast served by the Fire Department in support of Muscular Dystrophy Canada. Check it out between 8 and 10 am at the Royal Canadian Legion Parking lot just down and across the street from the fire hall!

After you are full and ready hit up the down town core to get your spot set for the Parade! Parade starts at 11:00 in Downtown Fort Sask. I personally like to set up by the old mall area just off 99 ave! There is a new route this year that take a nice look into old Fort Saskatchewan. Don’t miss it!

After the parade hit up legacy park main stage for the open ceremonies for the rest of the activities offered throughout the day. Kids festival, NWMP Fort Tours, Cake and Ice Cream, Dog Agility Demos, Farmers Markets, Food and Shops, and so much more! Full day of events.

Legacy park LIVE ENTERTAINMENT this year includes Doc Walk on stage at 8:30 pm and Jesse Roper on stage at 7:20 pm. Great way to finish off the day and get ready for my favourite part! FIREWORKS!

Hurry down to the Rotary Amphitheatre to get a spot for the FIREWORKS! Plan is to start the fireworks about 10:45 pm when the sun goes down. Bring chairs, blankets, and bug spray! Parking is limited so I suggest taking a nice walk there and settling in.


For more information on your community check out my Fort Saskatchewan community page. If you are looking to make a move. Check out my local real estate page for houses and homes in the area.

Looking for Storage in Fort Saskatchewan and Sherwood Park?

Need storage space? Who doesn’t?

I recently helped a number of clients sell and buy their next home. Only problem was moving dates, storage, movers, logistics, and the list goes on and on! The only way we made this work and facilitate the move was to rent some storage space. One client moving from Fort Saskatchewan to Sherwood Park and another from a beautiful acreage to Fort Saskatchewan. Both requiring 2 storage lockers each. We did our home work! The nice thing was prices were pretty standardized with some deals to be had especially if renting multiple spots and renting for longer term period.

Here is a list and contact information of what we found! Luckily I had a personal trailer to help them move around.

2 Best in Fort Saskatchewan to Deal With

  • ARMOUR SELF STORAGE: 11204 84 Ave, Fort Saskatchewan. Easy location to get to just off the highway. Electronic Access Card was easy to use! All paved access and tons of room to move around. Also a variety of storage sizes and additional resources like trailer rentals, boxes, and moving supplies! Give them a call 780-992-8448
  • REAL STORAGE FORT SASK: 11242 88 Ave, Fort Saskatchewan. Another easy location to get to which is also just off the highway. They use numbered access codes which is a bit easier so you do not have to carry a card with your to get in and out. However when I was i messed up the code and had to get the attendant to let me out! Very typical set up with different sizes and easy access. Give them a shout 780-997-0081

2 Best in Sherwood Park to Deal With

  • STORESMART SELF STORAGE: 61 Broadway Blvd, Sherwood Park. This is a great location! Super close to Broadmoor, Baseline, and Anthony Hendey. Also close to a lot of other convenient shops, grocery store, and restaurants. Which is perfect if you are running errands and need to get into storage or make a drop off! Give them a shout at 587-805-0500
  • REAL STORAGE SHERWOOD PARK NORTH: There are a few Real Storage facilities in Sherwood Park. I personally prefer this one as it is just off the Yellowhead on the north west of Sherwood Park with easy access to Anthony Hendey. Great set up which is expected with Real Storage and established name in the area so something you can trust. Give them a shout at 780-416-5028

Now all you need is a pro like me to sell your home and make moving a reality. Rest assured when dates do not work out there are other options to ensure that you can relax and successfully move on. So start packing and call me! 780-777-9703

How is the Rental Market doing? Vacancy Rates and Rental Prices ANSWERED!

How fast are properties renting out? What are the prices?

Vacancy Rates? Rent to Value Ratios?! – Check out my rental inventory here

It is extremely hard for the public and other industry members to obtain real rental prices and real vacancy rates via online sources. What do most people do? Check rental websites for properties that are being advertised for rent. This is misleading. It does give insight on competition and a general idea of what options are out there in the competitive landscape. It does not give actual rent price, terms, how long it took, whether that property was vacant or just being advertised near the end of another lease, whether the property rented out, and on and on. My office Realty Executives Focus and our rental division is a small to modestly medium rental company with over 150 rental properties in the Edmonton and Area. Our inventory is focussed in Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan, and Sherwood Park (with a handful in areas like Beaumont, Spruce Grove, St. Albert, Redwater, Bruderhiem, and Strathcona County).

For the purpose of this conversation the information I am going to provide is based off 100 rental properties. Out of which I am pulling data for 20 Properties in Sherwood Park, 30 properties in Fort Sasktchewan, and 50 properties in Edmonton. Finally, I am taking 50% of each area and giving half apartment condos and half residential (houses and duplex properties). So 10 condos, 10 houses in Sherwood Park, 15 and 15 in Fort Saskatchewan, and 25 and 25 in Edmonton. For further information on location indicators and other aspects of which vary’s rental conditions please give me a call!

Period I am analyzing is 2019 January 1 – May 31 (Average over the 5 months)

Vacancy Rates: Percentage of Available Units (My Vacancy Rates are Out of this World – Ask for More Details!)
Average Rental Price: Simple Average Monthly Rent
Rent to Value: Yearly Rent Divided by Property Value (6% is the magic number for cash flow i.e. $1500 per month rent for a $300,000 investment – I just did a deal on a unit with basement suite that gets 8.9%! Condo’s can be misleading as this measurement does not take into consideration condo fees and impact on investment. Condo prices are LOW so these numbers are HIGH in 2019 – THIS WORKS OUT TO $500 per month rent per every $100,000 of property value)

Edmonton Houses

Vacancy Rate: 0.05%
Average Rental Price: $1630 per month
Rent to Value: 6.2%

Edmonton Condos

Vacancy Rate: 0.009%
Average Rental Price: $1470 per month
Rent to Value: 8.3%

Fort Saskatchewan Houses

Vacancy Rate: 0.04%
Average Rental Price: $1543 per month
Rent to Value: 5.7%

Fort Saskatchewan Condos

Vacancy Rate: 0.01%
Average Rental Price: $1242 per month
Rent to Value: 8.7%

Sherwood Park Houses

Vacancy Rate: 0.01%
Average Rental Price: $1783
Rent to Value: 5.5%

Sherwood Park Condos

Vacancy Rate: 0% (No Vacancy in 2019!)
Average Rental Price: $1365 per month
Rent to Value: 8.2%

If you need help analyzing the rental market. Have questions about investing. Anything about real estate call me!

Interested in Owning an Investment House with Basement Suite?

Be a super investor and start making real equity and monthly cash flow!

What a great way to generate very positive cash flow! I have lots of rental properties and know the struggle to ensure your rental is generating enough revenue to cover the costs associated with owning the property. Mortgage, taxes, insurance, management, maintenance, utilities, condo fees… the list goes on and on.

Owning one property with one mortgage and combining costs associated with one property while generating two incomes is simply smart. Do not be fooled, this property costs more money, insurance costs go up, maintenance costs go up, management fees are higher, utilities come into question. Overall, investors and landlord win! I see a lot of portfolio financial statements every year. On a yearly basis property owners with the basement suite make higher net revenues.

2 Simple Examples of Rental Properties with Suites

(1) New 2 Story House with Basement Suite 1500 – 1800 sq ft top floor and approx 600 – 900 sq ft basement suite. 3 Bedrooms up 1 – 2 Bedrooms down. Separate laundry

  • Purchase Price Average: $425,000
  • Top Floor Rental Revenue: $1500 + Utilities
  • Bottom Floor Rental Revenue $1000 + Utilities
  • Newer Areas have higher density.
  • Newer properties have lower maintenance costs


(2) Older Bungalow Style House with Basement Suite in Mature Location 1000 – 1300 sq ft top floor and approx 900 – 1100 sq ft basement suite. 3 Bedrooms up 2 Bedrooms down. Separate laundry. Separate Entrance

  • Purchase Price Average: $400,000
  • Top Floor Rental Revenue: $1500 + Utilities
  • Bottom Floor Rental Revenue $1200 + Utilities
  • Lower density area and on average higher rental prices as the units/suites are more comfortable and more space for living.
  • Higher maintenance costs
  • Basement Suite is much more comfortable and can get more money per month!



Make sure you achieve favourable mortgage terms. You want low payments, no CMHC, and flexible term. Quality interest rates. All effect bottom line!

Higher a property manager! You want to limit your vacancy to 1 month per unit per year. Quality tenants and properly set up lease agreements to navigate tenants sharing a house is extremely important. Click here for property management details.

Location Location Location. The fun part of having these properties is that worse case scenario you break even or make a little. Which is great. The real money is made with equity and riding changing markets. Get a proper investment in the right location at the right time. The potential for a major win is very very real.

For more information contact me anytime! There are many options in Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan, Sherwood Park, and Surrounding Area.

Local Companies – Electrician, Plumbing, Cleaning, Painting, Lawn Care, and Handyman Services!

Looking for local preferred companies? Well here you go!

I have been in the Real Estate agent for about 15 years and have gained tons of contacts. Here are my favourite service providers in the industry. If you are looking for other services let me know! Check out below for my favourite electricians, plumbing HVAC, lawn care snow removal, handy man services, cleaning, and painting services! MY SECRET WEAPONS in Fort Saskatchewan, Sherwood Park, Edmonton, and Surrounding Communities!


Maintenance Man Electric – No Brainer
Paul and Rick at (587) 985-6264

Service Areas: Fort Saskatchewan, Sherwood Park, Edmonton, St Albert and Surrounding Communities

Bio: As a local company dedicated to providing premier customer service, it is important to us to deliver unparalleled workmanship on every project.​ We offer expert service and experience to residential, commercial and industrial clients  to meet your project needs and ensure durable and cost effective workmanship. We will work with you to meet deadlines and coordinate with other related projects. We will maintain open communication with you to keep you up to date on the status of your job. We do this to guarantee that the project is completed according to your preferences.

Plumbing and HVAC Services

Pipe Dream Plumbing – Wonderful Guys!
Andrew 780-803-1899

Service Areas: Fort Saskatchewan, Sherwood Park, Edmonton, St Albert, and Surrounding Communities

Bio: Established in 2012, Pipe Dream Plumbing & Heating Inc. is a family owned mechanical contractor that strives to provide excellent service and quality workmanship.  Although a relatively young business, we have seen rapid growth from service and renovation calls to working with large contractors and homeowners in the new construction field.  We are a small company that operates in an honest and professional manner and are glad to work alongside contractors and homeowners to provide a final product that exceeds expectations.

Thompson Mechanical – Reliable 100%
Mike 780-992-0586

Service Areas: Fort Saskatchewan, Sherwood Park, Edmonton, St Albert, and Surrounding Communities

Bio: At Thompson Mechanical Services, we’re a family-owned and locally-operated HVAC and plumbing contractor serving Fort Saskatchewan and the surrounding region. We are committed to providing our services in a professional, courteous and honest manner. With many years of experience in the HVAC industry, we can handle everything from full furnace or central air conditioning installations to repairs and routine maintenance. We’ve garnered a reputation for competitive pricing and exceptional quality of service.

Painting and Cleaning

Lofstrom Services – HIDDEN GEM! Paint and Clean!
Dar ‭(780) 992-8405‬
No Website – Referrals Speak Louder than Words

Service Areas: Fort Saskatchewan, Sherwood Park and Area

Bio: Dar is my secret weapon. When I need a place cleaned, painted, and put back together she is second to none. Trust me. Call her immediately for all cleaning and painting services. Her hard work and quality high standard will impress you.

Holistic Cleans YEG – Just wonderful to deal with! Cleaning
Jen (780) 293-5051‬

Service Areas: Edmonton and Area

Bio: Holistic Cleans YEG is known for quality services, exceptional efficiency and the highest level of professionalism. Holistic Cleaning services are the heart of what we do. We are all about making your life Better, Greener, & Cleaner. No matter what service you’re looking for, we guarantee to not only meet, but exceed your expectations and ensure your full satisfaction.

Lawn Care and Snow Removal

Ground Control Maintenance – Amazing!
Nathan and Travis ‭(780) 984-2632‬

Service Areas: Fort Saskatchewan, Sherwood Park, and Edmonton

Bio: Ground Control Maintenance (GCM) was founded in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, in 2012. GCM is a yard maintenance and snow removal company, specializing in commercial, multi-unit, acreage, and residential properties. Our primary area of focus is in Fort Saskatchewan, Sherwood Park, and Edmonton. GCM is a yard maintenance and snow removal company with a fresh attitude and outlook. With skilled workers, attention to detail, and strong customer relations, we are looking to bring a new standard to this industry.

Handyman Services

Dean D – Honest Handyman!
Dean ‭(587) 784-2603

Service Areas: Fort Saskatchewan, Sherwood Park, and Edmonton

Bio: I have been hiring Dean more and more lately. His quality honest approach is refreshing. You get what you pay for and trust me, GIVE DEAN A CALL. He has yet to leave me wanting more and always feel confident that I am getting a fair price 100% of the time. His work is great!‬

Handyman Solutions – Honest Handyman!
Bill ‭(780) 908-1772‬

Service Areas: Edmonton and Area

Bio: Bill has saved me 1000’s of times. He always takes the call whether the job is big or small. Will jump over mountains to ensure I am happy and satisfied. I have had Bill do pretty much everything anyone could ever call a Handyman for. He has a range of skills and allows me to be flexible on what I want done and what I do not want done. Trust me, Bill is a smart call!


If you wonder how I can sell, buy, rent, manage, and invest in so much real estate. Well I owe all the above gratitude for helping me out so much over the years in making my clients, my self, my friends and family happy with quality honest service. Any questions contact me anytime!

Jarett Johnson

Book It! Fort Saskatchewan Trade Show May 3-5!

Fort Saskatchewan Trade Show 17 Days Away

Fort Saskatchewan Trade Show

This is one of my favourite community events. I am a local Real Estate Agent and truly love my community that extends from Fort Saskatchewan into Sherwood Park, Edmonton, Bruderhiem, Lamont, Gibbons, Strathcona County, Sturgeon County, Redwater, and Surrounding Communities. Everyone comes to check out the Fort Saskatchewan Trade Show and it shows. I will have my entire office there again this year (like we do every year) to show case how we help families buy sell and rent real estate.

Trade Show Social Media Links!


Twitter: @ftsaskchamber, #fortsaskchamber or #fortsasktradeshow

Instagram: #fortsaskchamber or #fortsasktradeshow

We are located at the same booth as usual, and we promise you will not miss us! Our FREE GIVE AWAY is always a hit. Last year we gave away an iPad, year before a T.V., this year who knows! You will have to come and check it out.

Fort Saskatchewan Trade Show 2018

When you stop by to say hi to our amazing agents you will have an opportunity to ask all your real estate questions and discover all the quality homes we have for sale and rent in the area. This is a great chance to find out why Realty Executives Focus and our Family First approach should be your first call when it comes to choosing your real estate agent.

Let our family show your family the way home!

Realty Executives Focus Fort Sask

Check out Windsor Pointe Fort Saskatchewan!

Check out Windsor Pointe Fort Saskatchewan!

Windsor Pointe Fort Saskatchewan Super Homes

Welcome home. Come check out all the new home options available in Windsor Pointe Fort Saskatchewan. This great new subdivision is seconds away from the river valley. Developed by Landrex Communities there are tons of great spots to build in quiet cul de sacs backing onto parks and green spaces. Just moments away from the the off leash dog park and Andy’s playground which are both surrounded by river valley walking trails and so much more!

If you are looking for lot information check out the interactive lot map. Click here for stage 1. Click here for stage 2. Lots available with back detached garages and front garages. Also has a variety of duplex and higher density building sites. Just around the corner there is zoning for a brand new school as well! Super quick access to HWY 21, restaurants, shopping, grocery stores and so much more!

Build options available as well. Check out the Super Homes show home at 5 Wallace Pointe in Stage 1. Quality builder with spec homes and custom built options!

If you are looking to putting some roots down in Fort Saskatchewan, Windsor Pointe is a great option! Welcome home!

Contact me for any more details or questions.

Fort Saskatchewan Park Dock


Bruderheim Real Estate

Affordable Duplex in Bruderheim! WOW!

Affordable Duplex in Bruderheim! WOW!

Looking for something move in ready, corner lot, build equity with affordable living in private setting. Problem Solved! Move or Invest in Bruderheim. Wonderful 3 + 1 Bedroom Home. 10 Minutes North of Fort Saskatchewan. 20 Minutes from Edmonton city Limits. Bang on close to Industrial Heartland and just what the doctor ordered! Treed private corner lot. Renovated and comfortable. Literally come pick up the keys and move on in. Great property for first timers or someone looking for an ideal rental property with affordable price tag.

bruderheim real estate

4702 56 Ave, Bruderheim  – CLICK HERE

Call 780-777-9703!